Canna Candle

by Wick Decor


Handcrafted into a leaf shape, this natural coconut wax-blend candle has a canna scent. Topped with one cotton wick, place it on a non-flammable surface to burn.

This candles notes are black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss. this is a pungent, “manly” fragrance. As the candle burns, you will smell fruity tobacco mixed with earthy patchouli and moss. The "ripe" fruit notes don’t smell like candy or fruit fresh off the bush or tree; these are intense, fruit-in-liqueur aromas. Weaving in and out of the candles composition is the spooky scent of wormwood — green, sweet and a tad medicinal. You will also detect a slightly vanillic sweat-musk accord; sometimes this sensual aroma smells like cedar-cumin, other times like dark, boozy chocolate. The Canna candle's simmering fragrance notes produce a complex perfume that, every now and then, resembles the scent of burning marijuana.

Content + Care
- Coconut wax blend, cotton wick
- Wipe clean
- Hand-poured in Los Angeles  

- 5 hr burn time
- Dimensions: 4"w x 5"h
- Weight: 7.6 oz.